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  News from the Gray Fossil Site & Museum

Two volunteers wash screens of sediment in water.

Call for Volunteers at the Gray Fossil Site!

This summer, paleontologists at the Gray Fossil Site & Museum are going to be busy with the tasks of excavating and preserving fossils, and they’re looking for volunteers to help out!


Over the last 20 years, dozens of extinct animal species have been identified from the five-million-year-old ecosystem of the Gray Fossil Site in Gray, TN, including famous large mammals like tapirs, rhinos, and mastodons. But in recent years, researchers have been uncovering more information about the small mammals of the site.

Fossil skull of a flat-headed peccary, Platygonus compressus, from Bat Cave, Missouri.

Thanks to an abundance of fossils in Bat Cave, Missouri, paleontologists have been able to interpret seasonal social habits in the extinct flat-headed peccary, which lived tens of thousands of years ago during the Late Pleistocene Epoch.

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